Founder and principal: Didier Thevenard, PhD, PEng.

A native of France, Dr. Thevenard graduated from the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris in 1984, and then acquired specializations in in Robotics (M.Sc., École Nationale Supérieure de Technique Avancées, 1986) and Metallurgy and Materials Sciences (Ph.D., Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, 1989).

Dr. Thevenard worked briefly in the computer-aided design industry, developing simulation programs for multi-body dynamics, before moving to Canada in 1990. He then joined the Watsun Simulation Laboratory at the University of Waterloo, where he was subsequently appointed Assistant Research Professor. During his five years as manager of the laboratory he conducted research in solar energy and developed computer programs for the simulation of solar energy systems.

In 1996 Dr. Thevenard started Numerical Logics Inc., a scientific consulting company specializing in renewable energy systems, scientific and engineering computing, and simulation. He contributed to the development of various software tools for the solar energy industry, provided expertise in the field of climate data analysis and solar radiation estimation, and participated in various projects related to photovoltaics, including the development of standards for the photovoltaic industry.

Dr. Thevenard was also employed at Levelton Consultants (Richmond, BC), where he worked on building energy simulation, renewable energy systems, and monitoring; and at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where he was project leader for renewable energy research.

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