Solar and renewable energy


Numerical Logics has a vast experience in the field of solar and renewable energy systems. This experience encompasses:

  • active solar systems (solar hot water)
  • photovoltaic systems (solar electricity)
  • solar radiation resource assessment
  • other renewable energy systems

Design and simulation

The company can assist with the design and simulation of solar energy systems with a variety of computer programs such as:

Software development

Numerical Logics has been involved in the development of a number of tools such as Watsun, Enerpool, and RETScreen, for the simulation of solar energy systems. Our in-house platform, the Solar C/C++ Library, allows for the simulation of a wide variety of systems and the development of specialized programs for solar energy and climate processing. Numerical Logics can also assist with the development of special components for TRNSYS.

Special projects

Over the years Numerical Logics has participated in numerous solar-related projects such as the development of models for solar energy systems in building performance simulation software, photovoltaic systems monitoring, photovoltaic module characterization, and the energy rating of photovoltaic modules.

For the fun

Numerical Logics has developed DialMaker, a sundial design program. The program is freely available from the download area of this web site.



Enerpool - a computer program for the simulation of swimming pools

Client: Natural Resources Canada
More info & download : www.canren.gc.ca/tech_appl/index.asp?CaId=5&PgID=484
Our work: program design and development.

RETScreen - a sizing and pre-feasibility tool for the design of renewable energy systems

Client: Natural Resources Canada
More info & download : www.retscreen.net
Our work : the energy models for the photovoltaic and the solar hot water modules of
RETScreen. Numerical Logics was also involved in a number of other development and programming tasks with RETScreen, such as the development of the ground-based climate database and the review of the engineering manuals for most renewable energy technologies.

Performance monitoring of the Nunavut Arctic College photovoltaic system

Client: Natural Resources Canada
More info: cetc-varennes.nrcan.gc.ca/fichier.php/codectec/En/2004-114/2004-114e.pdf
Our work : Ongoing monitoring of the photovoltaic system at Nunavut Arctic College and periodic analysis of its performance.

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